modern UIs

My dad's new Saab has an graphical OLED display for displaying radio information, setting the time and date of the clock. It even lets you choose between 12/24h time and MMDD/DDMM date formats. There are not, however, any places on the car that the date is displayed.

Update: minor clarification. It shows you the date enough to set it, but nowhere does it passively display it.
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some firsts

Last night seeing Pelican was a time of a few firsts: drinking PBR, earplugs at a concert, and going to a bar with my brother afterwards. All in all, better anticipated :-)

The Plan

I henceforth hijack this journal for small, random observations. While potentially obscure, I hereby swear to never, ever use it for snide, passive-aggressive attacks. Let's see if I can keep it up.